There are two ways of relating one's self to Life. 1. One is that of playing Horse while Life Rides. 2. The other is that of becoming the Ridah while Life plays Horse. The choice as to whether one becomes the Horse or the Ridah is the privilege of every person, but this much is certain; if one does not choose to become the Ridah of Life, he/she is sure to be forced to become the Horse. Life either Rides or is Ridden.

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Monday, November 5, 2007


This is an artist out of St. Louis making some unprecedented moves and a lot of noise, not only in the streets of St. Louis, Missouri but Worldwide. He goes by the name of Firewater Redstarr, proud and devoted Muslim and St Louis Tatt Man. At first glance one might be prompted to make many judgments but in this case if you look a little closer there is more to this artists than meets first glance. His mission is to carry the word of Allah (God) to the Ridahs of world. He is a fresh breathe in Hip Hop a new breed with a message and an undeniable movement, infectious energy, charisma and a purpose. Allow me to introduce you to the new leader of the Hip Hop Ridah Movement: