There are two ways of relating one's self to Life. 1. One is that of playing Horse while Life Rides. 2. The other is that of becoming the Ridah while Life plays Horse. The choice as to whether one becomes the Horse or the Ridah is the privilege of every person, but this much is certain; if one does not choose to become the Ridah of Life, he/she is sure to be forced to become the Horse. Life either Rides or is Ridden.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

#JustALil Insight

Favorite cover song in your live show:WILDLIFE current single

Biggest band achievement:Being Muslim

Why do you do this?:I am everything God created me to be. Right Now, at this moment. It is Him that made me Muslim. Out of His Grace. I don't wanna get all "Holy Roller"..but, the moral is Everything in the Heavens and Earth and all between the two, moves by His command. Willingly, or unwillingly.

Where do you want to be in five years?:Happily married to a pious wife(who can cook like a Puerto Rican girl).. that I can pray with and lay with..know what talkin bout?.. and who always tells me "I need to quit smoking"..that's Love. I know. Spending time with my children..teaching them about the reality of God and the power of the human mind..and playin PS3(Call Of Duty) in a "modest" Castle with my Black on Black Range Rover out front..and the Ridah Movement poolside lol.. I'm still human, ya dig? ..basically showing Love to God and the people who Love Him and because of that, Love me.

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