There are two ways of relating one's self to Life. 1. One is that of playing Horse while Life Rides. 2. The other is that of becoming the Ridah while Life plays Horse. The choice as to whether one becomes the Horse or the Ridah is the privilege of every person, but this much is certain; if one does not choose to become the Ridah of Life, he/she is sure to be forced to become the Horse. Life either Rides or is Ridden.

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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Please Enjoy The Ride.

ShoutOut @CORLE2DA 
December 23, 2011 was the release date for Please Enjoy The Ride. #PETR is an in-flight themed mixtape that sort of symbolizes my move to the Golden State. It has tons of features from the midwest such as: The RIDAHMOVEMENT's OWN FIREWATER REDSTARR Lil' Sly Uno Joven Rain Gee Angel Zamarron Lyrical Lg Geniuss Toby Howboutthat Ferguson Cory Darden L-Gifted Hendricks Tbaby OohWee Shannon Horn and mixed by DJ Big Doon. Check it Out! 

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